Book Sculptures


I don't have an art degree, but studied psychology and neuroscience. At 24, I discovered my creativity. Since then, I've tried many art forms, until I found book art.

My book art started with my grandfather's enormous book collection: multiple rooms full of high cases, all books structured by subject perfectly, collected in over 90 years.

But what would happen with these books when my grandfather would no longer be there. Sell them? A second hand shop? The dump? That would destroy my grandfather's life work forever.

And this is the case for millions of books around the world. When their information becomes dated, of when the information becomes easier to find on the internet, only a few enthusiasts will save some books. For who wants to own a book you barely look into?

And it's a shame barely anyone looks into them anymore, for their illustrations can still be marvelous. Once, when I flipped through a book, I wondered whether there could be a way to see straight through the book. To see multiple images at once.

I've developed this idea into my book sculptures. I create them for several reasons. First it's a way to give these books a second life and by doing so extending their existence and beauty. Furthermore, the sculptures form a more tangible memory to the past owner, in my case my grandfather. Finally, I want every piece of art to be an individual idea; every sculpture has its own subject and meaning to which specific people can identify with. I'm looking for those people who feel a special bond to a specific work, to connect with as many people as possible.

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